Would you like to define a german language version?

Can we get the program in a German language version, or the possibility that even do? We need the navigation elements at the end of the catalog in German.

Flip PDF allows you to create your own language version. Let me show you details.

1. On the top menu bar, click "Options-->Flash Language";
2. Click button "New Language";
3. Name your new language version;
4. Select a comparation language from the language selection box which will show on the button bottom as text explaining;
5. Double click a description in label/labled box, rename the lable content in your language such as German, the new language description will show when moving mouse to any button bottom.
6. After defined all the labled, you have created a new language version (German version).

PS: With above steps, you can create any two language comparation which will be displayed on the output bottom menu bar.

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