Would you like to make a bigger size flipbook for better viewing?

The default display size is too small to clearly view the book content. Is there any way to change the display window for created flipbook?

2 methos:
Smaller flipbook margin:
1. In left option "Design Setting" box, choose "Book-->Book Proportions-->Book Margin";
2. Set "0" for "Book Margin";
Your size of flipbook will fit to your screen, you can view it more clearly!

Zooming in:
1. In left option "Design Setting" box, choose "Tool Bar-->Zoom Config";
2. Set "Yes" for "Zoom in enable";
3. Write a digit (bigger than 1) for "Zoom Scale" such as 2 means that the output flipbook zoomed in to 2 times bigger than the original;
When you want to view more clearly, you can click button "Zoom In" on bottom menu bar.

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