Would you like to upload flipbooks to website?

How could I upload flipbook to my website?

Creating flipbook:
1. Click button "Import PDF" to insert into a PDF file;
2. Set settings in the "+&-" menu box;
3. Click button "Apply Change" on the top menu;
4. Click button "Convert To Flipping Book", and then select the mode ".html";
5. All created files are stored in the directory "D://myflipbookfolder", and we name html file "myflipbook.html";
6. Click button "Convert".

Uploading to your site:
1. Enter the accounts and password of your website on the FTP software;
2. Upload your flipbook such as "D://myflipbookfolder" to your sever (its domain is "http://myflipbook.com") by FTP tool;
3. Input "http://myflipbook.com/myflipbookfolder/myflipbook.html", everyone can view the flipbook whose format is html. 4. If your domain is "http://myfilpbook.com", you can put the files in the "http://myfilpbook.com/myflipbook", "myflipbook" is the name of directory in the domain.

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