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Import various content in PDF

In today’s market, the static PDF files may not satisfy the vast majority of people’s need. However, with the interactive Flip PDF Pro – professional page-flipping builder software, you can easily convert PDFs into digital page-flipping books. More importantly, Flip PDF Pro supports to import bookmarks (outline) of original PDF in the mean time, and edit them manually. Moreover, import hyperlinks of original PDF, including web link, page link and email link. These import options can be done while importing PDFs, which totally improve the efficiency of your editing.

Multiple Out-put formats

This page-flipping maker allows users output their amazing flipping photobook in different formats including HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, FBR, Mobile version and burn to CD. With this powerful function, users can easily output the flipping photobook with the formats you like. In this way, there are as many audiences as possible that you can reach, meaning that your flipping photobook can be read by people one by one.

Customize with multi-media inserting function

After importing the PDF, it’s time to edit the internal pages of the photobook. Edit pages with shapes, text, links, images, videos (including YouTube & Vimeo videos) flash or sound files. As for photobook, visual impression must be the most important part to attract audience. Flip PDF Pro guarantees you to import the images in high quality. And add wonderful videos to catch audiences’ attention in the first moment. Furthermore, you can also add/delete page or re-order them with ease.

Tons of materials come with software

The professional Flip PDF Pro supplies Various templates, themes, scenes, backgrounds. You cannot only select one kind of flash preloader for your photobook, but also choose the templates and layout for your flipping book. Without any hassles and any skills, just pick one to create your special photobook. More than that, you can customize your stylish eBooks with dozens of template settings. In addition, multiple themes, scenes, backgrounds are waiting you to apply directly. Finally, there are seas of online resources available including 400+thems, 200+ scenes and 700+ backgrounds. What the amazing thing! Make your page-flipping photobook from now on.

Why must this interactive online photo flipbook maker

Rich multi-media

Easily insert various kinds of media into the photobook.

Guaranteed security

Set password and keep your content safe.

SEO friendly

Optimize the content for search engine, such as Google & Bing.

Hyperlink for more sales

Insert hyperlink for products and keywords.


Easily get dynamic page-flipping books.

Mobile friendly

Read and distribute flipping book on mobile.

Online photo flipbook made by Flip PDF Professional must be the interactive and engaging eBook to grasp more attention from audiences for the reason that a digital flipping book processes multi-media and can be passed easily from people to people.