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Creative and Living Gardening Style Template for Magazine Building

Looking for gardening magazine templates? Here comes some awesome high quality gardening style magazine templates for free. It can be used to design various kind of gardening magazines and display your gardening ideas vividly.

  • Deliver your great ideas with flash animation.
  • Link your website or blog to the content intelligently.
  • Customize the template to your favorite style.
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Browse Stylish Magazine Examples:

Create a Beautiful Gardening Magazine with Flip PDF

Those who love gardening are bound to love nature. Flip PDF is environmental-friendly flipping magazine maker which is with free and beautiful templates. What's more, it can save your time in distribution.

free gardening magazine template

The flash animation in gardening magazine will delight the readers. When the magazine is with beautiful template, it can give the readers a comfortable reading experience. It seems as if they are in a realistic garden with the butterfly flying and grass waving.

free gardening magazine template

With the flexible template that meets your needs, you are able to customize the magazines by defining the logo, background, show or hide the main tools like Share and Email. Besides, you can also enrich the content by adding videos and links for the text or images.

free gardening magazine template

For sharing your gardening magazines, Flip PDF provides you several options. Directly publish onto FlipBuilder cloud platform or publish online with FTP. Then everyone can share it via social networks or email. Download and printing is also possible.
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