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Enrich yearbook with multimedia

Need to combine the memories of your school life and event activity into your yearbook? Flip PDF allows you to embed the video into your yearbook to in memory of all the unforgettable moments of your school life. Just a couple of clicks, you are able to enrich your electronic yearbook with lively YouTube video in the drag & drop page editor interface.

Add impressive photo gallery

An image gallery enable you to present a slideshow of images either through a popup presentation or viewed within the actual page of the yearbook. This is an excellent way to display the photos of your college activities. What is more, an animated image gallery makes your online yearbook more interactive, delivers inspiring reading experience to your readers.


Distribute and share all places

Compare with the traditional print edition, the digital yearbook is more eco-friendly and accessible. Just convert your PDF print yearbook into electronic yearbook, you are able to publish to online cloud host directly, burn into CD or USB Flash Drivers to distribute offline, embed in web page, share at Facebook and Twitter page.

Read on mobile devices

The digital yearbook created by Flip PDF are based on both HTML5 and Flash technology, it means that it is compatible with all the platforms and mainstream devices! Smart phones, iPad, iPhone, tablets, your readers will get the chance to experience the smooth reading experience of your yearbooks on all these mobile devices.


Go green: no ink, no paper and save money

In this digital age, the world of publishing is changing. Creating print yearbooks is great way to memory the school life. However, new technologies are available to present content in electronic devices to readers. More and more people are reading yearbook on the computer and mobile devices now. Flip PDF offer digital publishing technology that enable everyone create amazing digital yearbooks with ease.

There are million of benefits of choosing this yearbook software

Social share

Share digital yearbook with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter.

Cloud publishing

Publish created yearbooks to FlipBuilder cloud host server directly.

Beautiful bookmark

Readers can quick access to a exact page of the flipping yearbook.

Page flip reading experience

Extraordinary interactive reading experience with page flip effect.

Mobile friendly

Inspire you readers on on iPad, iPhone, tablets, Kindle Fire and smart phones.

Embed multimedia

Add YouTube video, Vimeo video, local video file into the yearbook page.

Fully customized

Customized the toolbar and background of yearbook, add school logo and URL.

Add animated photo gallery

Inert animated photo gallery of school activities into the digital yearbook.

Distribute anywhere

Embed yearbook into website, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives.

Want ro express individuality and explore passions in your yearbook? Flip PDF make it fast and simple for every one to create animated digital yearbooks. Moreover, you can also insert online yearbook to WordPress, Facebook, blog, website etc. Replace the traditional paper yearbook with the digital version, it is really cool to publish online digital yearbook and reach your readers anywhere anytime.