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Enhance Online E Catalogs Reading Experience with YouTube & Vimeo Video.

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With the popularization of the Internet and mobile tablets and smart phones, E-Catalogs have become an effective promoting and marketing solution in today’s competitive world. Due to the convenience of online shopping, consumers are increasingly tending to shop online. So it’s vital to understand consumers’ needs and habits well so as to provide them with enjoyable shopping experience.

Since years ago, businesses and marketers have been yelling for marketing with various digital manners such as interactive video and advertising. An e-Catalog can integrate most digital marketing strategies, making it a comprehensive marketing solution. Doing it right, the e-Catalog can promote the right products and services to the right audiences, therefore increasing sales and reducing costs.

What are the advantages of an e-Catalog?


Interactive video – YouTube, Vimeo & FLV

Pages of writing for your products or services are not as persuasive as a short video of a minute. Besides, the integration of visual videos to the e-Catalog just makes it more interactive and engaging. As a matter of fact, people love to watch videos. And it’s pleasing that one can enrich the catalog with YouTube, Vimeo and local FLV explainer video.

Flexible links – Navigation or Traffic

The integration of internal links such as page links and table of contents enables readers to navigate through the e-Catalog with great ease, saving them endless clicks or mouse rolling. Besides, a web link can direct the reader to a web page where you want them to be, which helps increase traffic or promote your other products and services.


Searchable content

The text extract technology of our software makes it possible to search the content of the e-Catalog. On one hand, this enables the content to be grabbed by search engines, ensuring a SEO optimization. On the other hand, readers can type in keywords to search content they want even through hundreds of pages.

Enhanced shopping experience – Shopping Cart

An e-Catalog can provide shoppers with shopping experience that a website offers. Readers now do not need to click multiple “Next” and go to different pages to get an order finished. Integrating “Shopping Cart” right around the product of your catalog simplifies the purchase process, thus decreasing the possibility of a failing order.

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