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A brochure is a solution which presents the main information of your business and the products or services you offer. And with the explosion of websites, businesses have transferred more focus from traditional printed brochures to digital brochures in attempt to cover a wider range of readers online. And this digital form can include a lot of more info than the printed brochure, but taking less space and costing less. It is an ideal promoting tool for your travel brochure which is supposed to impress worldwide readers.

However, I am not talking about digital brochure in PDF, but an alternative to PDF. The travel brochure should be interactive and dynamic with the digital advantages. Imagine a dynamic advertising banner across the top of each brochure page! Yet someone may question: I have a website that can do all these cool stuffs, why do I need a digital brochure?


Will you risk in messing up your website with hundreds of pages? And I don’t think the net surfers would enjoy this special experience. But a digital travel brochure can save this trouble by making the brochure coexist with your website. You can simply embed the brochure into your website. Besides, a digital brochure is controllable and easy to update, and it can make your website more interactive, which will increase the traffic to your site or blog.

And below I will talk about how to use Flip PDF Plus, the amazing digital publishing software, to generate an outstanding digital travel brochure for your responsive blog and website.

Rich media

Show the best of you to the readers, but never exaggerate. Your target audiences expect high quality content. It’s all about travel, so why not present the readers with real scenes. In addition to providing detailed introduction of each spots, you can use images and even videos to show how wonderful the scenery it is. The audio-visual impact is more persuasive than your good writings.


Aesthetic look

The brochure speaks for your business, so it is better to make it in line with aesthetics. This means not only the design of the travel brochure, but also the harmony of the brochure and your website. Try to make your brochure look harmonious with the design of your website or blog, including proportions and color. And don’t miss out any chance to promote your brand while designing the brochure; you can add your company logo to the brochure to enhance brand awareness.

Smooth & responsive

Modern website design enables online users to enjoy the pleasant responsive experience of most websites, so first of all, you should make sure your website or blog site is responsive. And to keep this experience, your media-rich travel brochure should be responsive too. And another important thing you should keep in mind is that it can run smoothly and responsively on mobile devices.