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Create Page Flipping Book Which Can be Embedded in Joomla Website

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Being one of the most popular content management frameworks (CMF), Joomla offers a free way for publishing web content. With over 50 million downloads till February 2014, Joomla is ranked as the second most popular content management system (CMS), only after WordPress. And in addition to more than 7,700 free and commercial extensions from Joomla official site, there are many more extensions from other Joomla experts and software developers.

Joomla users can easily find Joomla components, templates, plugins, modules and languages on official Joomla or online shops. These extensions do not only publish content online exposed to global netizens, but also make the look and feel of the content elements suit the overall aesthetic design of the Joomla website. Flip PDF Plus, helps you create page flip book for Joomla that can be embeded into Joomla driven websites without install any extention.


PDF to flip book without Joomla module

This publishing software allows users to convert PDF files and images into page flipping books, magazines and catalogs. Visitors to the Joomla websites can access the online page flip magazines and catalogs and manually flip the pages as they were flipping printed contents.

Media-rich page flipping without Joomla extension

The application of audio-visual media elements can delight and engage readers a lot. Imagine how great it will be if the page flipping ebook is enriched with videos, YouTube, Vimeo, audio files, images, photo slideshows, and other multimedia elements.


No installation to Joomla

Many websites, blogs and forums provide detailed information and insightful strategies on installing and maintaining Joomla sites. It is very important for Joomla developers to maintain the sites without buggy extensions. Just generate the flipbook you want, and embed. Keep your site simple, and keep your site secure.