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Create eBook in minutes

Maybe you have never created an eBook before. Maybe you have planned to ask someone professional to help you. Or maybe in fact, all you need is a professional software, allowing you to convert unlimited PDF documents to vivid flipping e-Books without any skill of code or design. And Flip PDF Plus is born in this conception.,

Realistic page flip effect

We are always dreaming about giving readers an outstanding reading experience so that they could feel like reading a real paper book. So we have modified hundreds times the amative effects in ebooks. After converted from PDF, your ebook would automatically display in an amative way, such as the flipping page, the shadow and thickness of the book, etc. Moreover, you can also create your own favorite animation. You will be able to define all the above-mentioned options personally.


Various customizations

We also create various other customizable setting for you. For example, you can insert videos, audios and links into pages, set a bookmarks in your book, choose a background photo and a theme, add cartoon guide for your ebook, etc. We get our effort to meet the needs of most people for ebook creation. And we are continuing to add new functions and improve existing functions.

Mobile friendly

The amount of PC readers could not satisfy your desire any more? Nowadays many users want that their ebook can not only be read in PC platform but also be published in the platforms of mobile phones and tablets. As a result, Flip PDF Plus is designed to create ebooks to multi-platforms. Your ebooks created from Flip PDF Plus could be read in PC, iPhone and android phones, iPad and other tablets.


Social network integration

You know that the influence of social media can not be ignored. And we took this phenomenon into consideration when creating Flip PDF Plus. After completed in it, your ebooks are easy to be shared in social network. Moreover, your followers could directly read them, also clicking “like”, even adding bookmark and comments in ebooks!

There are million of reasons to choose this ebook convertor

Realistic page flip effect

Convert original PDF files to fabulous realistic ebook.

SEO friendly

Search engine friendly, your ebooks can be found by Google & Bing.

Fluid conversion

Transform PDF files to ebooks in a batch fluidly in a minute.

Customized setting

Fully customize your flipping ebooks, include background, toolbar, brand logo, icon.

Social features

Allow your users share, like, post your ebook content directly.

Distribute anywhere

Publish to web, Mac, burn it onto CD/DVD or USB drives, distribute it on public.

Mobile reading

Support HTML ebook output, smooth reading experience on mobile.

Embed multimedia

Insert video, audio and other animated elements into the page.

Cloud publishing

Publish unlimited ebooks to FlipBuilder online cloud publishing platform.

Creating eBook isn’t a professional work any more. You could completely do it by yourself in minutes, with the help of Flip PDF Plus!