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Create eBook from PDF document

Flip PDF Plus is a suite of powerful eBook publishing software for eBook authors to create cross platform eBooks with extraordinary reading experience. With Flip PDF Plus, you can import a PDF of your eBook, add any interactive features and build a responsive page flipping eBook without a line code. Just in a matter of minutes, you are able publish animated eBook across multiple channels. All computer, tablet and smartphone devices will now be able to access your edition.

Online eBook publishing

Flip PDF Plus provides eBook publishers with Cloud Publishing Service which allows you to upload the eBooks to online server instantly. You don’t need to own a website or rent a host, but you can still create eBook accessible to the whole world using FlipBuilder Online Service. If you want to embed the online eBook into your website, you only need to copy a couple lines of code then you are able to showcase page flipping eBook on your website or blog.


Access all devices

Make sure your eBook can be accessed from all kinds of devices from PC, Mac, tablets and mobile phones. As a matter of fact, more and more people read content on mobile, you should make sure your digital publications are mobile friendly and provide fluent reading experience on all devices.

Add hot spot

Want to higihlight the main points on the page of your publication? The application of Hot Spot to your eBook can help maximize your marketing effort effectively, thus boosting the traffic and sales. Just add Hot Spots to the page of your eBook and help readers focus on the content what you emphasize.


Analyze performance

Measure your visitors to your online eBook using Google Analytics. Once you add the tracking code to your eBook, you can get the data from GA. The data will tell you about your audience behavior, including the number of new visitors, the turnout of the existing visitors, the specific pages they visit the most, from which web-sites, social networks, or search engines they access from, bounce rate, how long they stay on your eBook, geographical distribution of your readers and much more.

There are million of reasons to choose this eBook creator

Mobile friendly

Smooth reading experience on iPad, iPhone, tablets and smart phones.

Multi media

Enrich your eBook with mulimedia like video, audio and animation.

Multi-language support

Support 12 language: English, French, Germany, Spanish and more.

Track & analytics

Track the behaviors of online publication readers using Google Analytics.

Online publishing

Upload eBooks to online host and access all devices..

Publish anywhere

Publish to online, offline, or burn onto CD/DVD or USB flash drives.

Add photo gallery

Add sliding effect photo album to the eBook page.

Page turning

Page turning eBook with the reading experience of realistic book.

Share to social

Connect your eBook with audience on social website, such as facebook & twitter.

If you would like to market your PDF eBooks online, maybe you should shift your attention to interactive digital publishing technology. Flip PDF Plus eBook creator provides you the advance solution to empower your eBook publications. Download and have a free trial now!