Any way to insert different languages into flipbooks?

We have a global course catalog and need the ability to import multiple languages. How do we do this in Flip program?

If you want your audience can read your flipbooks in multiple different languages, download Flip PDF or Flip PDF Professional to carry out your requirement with ease now:

  1. Step 1: click "File->Import PDF" to add your file, check options such as "Import link" or "Import bookmark" if needed;
  2. Step 2: set "Tool Bar Settings->Buttons Bar->Language->..." to enter into language edit interface: choose existing language or edit new language for showing your book, the first checked language will be taken as default shown language, you can move up or move download to set the default language, just as below image shows;
  3. flipbook show with multi language

  4. Step 3: save edited languages, and check "Switchable->Yes", then "Apply Change", you will see the "Switch Language" button shown on the tool bar;
  5. Step 4: click "Convert->Convert To Flipping Book" to output designed book in your wanted format, *.html, *.exe, *.zip or *.app, etc., then upload online or send to your audience.