Why can't I share my published flip book via email in Flash directly?

I created a flipbook with free Lucid template and published online already, but I can't share the book through email, what should I do? What was missed while creating the book?

To share your Lucid template book online via email in below window:


Please follow details below to make the email share feature work:

1. Make sure you have your own server and your server support PHP first;

2. Download PHP package here, unzip after downloading, and then edit below items in the PHP based on your server info:


Host = "your email server"
Username = "your email address"
Password = "your email password"
Subject = "email subject"

For example,

Username="[email protected]";

3. Upload the PHP to your server, and then set Share Email Server with the PHP URL while designing template as below image shows:


4. Output the flip book and publish online, then you and all your book readers can click the "Share" button to share the book through email directly.

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