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It is the best online yearbook creator you’ll ever use. Flip PDF has everything you need to make a knockout yearbook without breaking a sweat. Make your yearbook, your way NOW!

  • Embellish content with stylish yearbook templates and themes.
  • Enrich yearbook with interactive media.
  • Distribute E yearbook via Facebook, website embed and email.
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It doesn’t matter you are not a design expert or a yearbook instructor. Flip PDF is a professional yet simple yearbook creator. The intuitive interface and a wide range of powerful tools make it easy for everyone to create a great-looking online yearbook.
Templates - a varied selection of templates to assure a stunning outlook.
Design settings - fully customize a personal yearbook.
Design effects - enable highlight effects, set transparency, drop shadow and its color.
Layout tools - utilize rulers, grid and alignment tools for a perfect layout.

Want to relive your life’s moments? Flip PDF allows you to add video and audio into your digital yearbook, letting those precious memories live again. In addition, you can add links, photo slideshow, Flash and other interactive elements to enrich your yearbook.

You are able to publish your unique digital yearbook to Cloud Hosting directly, or output it in flexible formats (.*html, .*exe, .*app, .*zip, plug-ins and CD). The online publication can be embedded on the web page, or shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
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