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Create Interactive College Yearbooks

Nowadays, college yearbooks are not so much popular than ever before for its limitations. However, with the help of Flip PDF, it may overcome some shortcomings and attract more attention from people.

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What's Flip PDF?

Flip college yearbooks provide a new perspective for people to know more about college and what they have experienced in years. It acts as the innovative way to keep in touch with those people you meet, even things you go through.

Flip PDF supplies more substantiate content. In this flip college yearbook, it is characterized by wonderful emotional music, personalized videos, unique themes and interesting design. Besides, one can add special description in his own style in these flipping pages. With these turning pages, such a college yearbook captures memorable experience and it would bring people passion and motivation.

What is more, with the creative cover and background choices, Flip PDF shows up closely unique relationship between college and students. And people would definitely cherish such a funny and memorable moment.

Create beautiful, top-quality college year book, to treasure your days in college. Flip PDF realize it.