Digital Yearbook Publishing Software

Flip PDF Plus makes it fast and simple to generate interactive a digital yearbook with page flipping effect. With single-click publishing, it gives you power and speed to distribute electronic yearbook online or offline.

  • Realistic and lifelike page flip reading experience.
  • Interactive and dynamic, embed video and image album.
  • Cross-platform and mobile-friendly, read on all devices.

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Want to create, publish and share a personal digital yearbook? Flip PDF Plus has you covered!

The intuitive interface and a suite of powerful tools give you the easiest yearbook publishing software you’ll ever use. Flip PDF Plus makes it easy and fun to author a unique yearbook.

1. Import PDFs or images as yearbook backgrounds.

2. Add, move and resize photos and text.

3. Use layout tools to arrange contents in order.


You don’t have to be a design expert or a yearbook instructor. Flip PDF Plus provides ample free design tools, libraries of clipart and shapes. You have ability to add highlight effects and animations, set drop shadow and color, etc. Moreover, Flip PDF Plus also supports to embed links, music and video clips, engaging readers with interactive reading experience.

With one-click publishing, Flip PDF Plus gives you power to quickly publish digital yearbooks online or offline. The online publications are capable of being shared on personal websites and social media sites. Readers anywhere can view the publications from whatever devices they use.


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