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Preserve big moments with a beautiful yearbook. No mater what kind of yearbooks you want to make, Flip PDF Plus can meet your requirements, taking the hassle out of making your own yearbooks.

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Flip PDF Plus serves to create gorgeous, unique flipping yearbooks without the need for coding or developers. This powerful yearbook publisher provides tons of great benefits for publishers.

Realistic – engage audience’ reading experience with the page flipping effect, flip sound, hard cover, book thickness and shadow.
Stylish templates – beautify the appearance of yearbook.
Customizable – customize background and toolbar, resize the book, change font, add background music and much more.


Interactive media – embed links, photo slideshow, SWF, audio and video.
Design tools – enable highlight effects, set drop shadow and its color, etc.
Layout tools – use rulers, grid and alignment tools for a perfect layout.

Cloud publishing – directly upload the created yearbook to Cloud Host Sever.
Offline publishing – output the yearbook as .*html, .*exe, .*app, .*zip and CD.


Mobile friendly – readers can read on their iPads, iPhones, tablets and smart phones.
Social sharing – share on the personal website and social media sites.

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