Free Labeled Template

Simple and Clear template to show book tabs on the top


Labeled Template is simple and clear style template to show book tabs on the top, and list company, author or advertise info on the left side.

While using this template to create a flipping ebook, you can add Logo and URL on book title, import company images to show ads, author, and enable readers to share online via social website, etc.





labeled template tab

Easy edit and show Book Tabs

If your book contains multiple pages in different parts, you can use the Labeled Template to edit and show Book Tabs to help readers easily view and read flipping ebook. Just use Tab setting features to edit tabs title, and define which page to open, even import URL to link to your Web Page directly. The Labeled Template will make your flipbook navigated in a simple but unique mode.

List of company, author and Ads info

The Labeled Template enables you to design flipbooks with showing a text list with company, author, and even Advertise info. While readers open your flipbook, they can easy get these useful info on the left side of the book directly. Even if you show contact icon in the list, your readers ca