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Flip Tri-Fold is an in-house digital publishing solution for businesses, digital marketers, online sellers and graphic designers. This user-friendly software can realize your idea of being able to simulate a printed tri-fold or Z-fold brochure by creating online brochures with 3D realistic tri-fold animation that gives readers the cool experience of folding a paper brochure. With the digital online tri-fold brochure, your readers and clients can spatially understand how the flat proof folds and opens up to full three-page spread.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

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Version Number: 1.0.2
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Realistically simulate tri-fold
Flip Tri-Fold offers a great solution to display your printed brochures or flyers online, enabling you to promote your products or services to a wider range of audiences. This software employs Flash technology to simulate high quality and intuitive page folding animation with realistic shadow effect, which makes readers feel like folding a paper material. And this amazing effect can increase the possibility of a successful promotion or advertising campaign.

Watch the tutorial video to see how easy it is.

convert pdf and images to 3d tri-fold brochures, flyer, leaflet
save your money with digital tri-fold publications Save your budget
Flip Tri-Fold makes it possible for you to promote your brand, products and services in an effective way without bringing an impact on your budget. The tri-fold publication can be flexible digital promoting types; and with only a small amount, you can publish outstanding tri-fold brochures, flyers, leaflets, posters, pamphlets, cards and so on. And this in-house digital publishing software can save you a large amount of printing and distribution costs.
Full custom & branding customize tri-fold brochure on pre-designed templates
Flip Tri-Fold provides you with professional templates, themes and backgrounds for fast and convenient publishing. Besides, you are able to use the custom tools to design your own branding brochure based on the built-in template. You can insert background sound, change colors, configure display font, and enable/disable feature buttons such as Print and Share.
vector technology zooming Optimized performance & reading experience
In addition to empowering your plain PDF (or images) with virtual page folding effect and 3D experience, Flip Tri-Fold enhances the reading experience with vector technology, which ensures crystal clear quality. Your readers can zoom in the tri-fold flyer without suffering a pixilation issue.
Flexible output: online, for Mac, CD, plugins Publish online, offline, email, CD and WordPress plugin
You can publish the tri-fold publication for online and offline reading. Once you publish it as HTML, you can upload it to your website to reach global readers through Internet. Or you can directly publish the tri-fold brochure to your website using built-in FTP Server. Besides, you can pack it in ZIP file for distribution via email. And you also have an option to create offline versions: EXE standalone program and CD for PC, and App for Mac. What's more, the publication can be converted into WordPress plugin, Joomla module and Drupal module.
increase exposure by enabling your tri-fold to be shared on social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Increase exposure via social networks
Making your tri-fold publication accessible online is just the first step to reach readers, and enabling it easily sharable on social platforms can increase exposures to more audiences. Flip Tri-Fold integrates social share feature to the created brochures, which makes it easy for readers to share it with friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on.
Google Analytics – rethinking Google Analytics Integration
The integration of Google Analytics to the published tri-fold brochure provides you with valuable statistics, which can be converted into insightful strategy to improve the performance of your publication, thus increasing the conversion rate of your marketing. And you just need to embed the code to the brochure while publishing; and after you publish it online, you can access real-time statistics from your Google Analytics account.

I. Flip Tri-Fold features

  1. Easy Import
  2. 1. Convert PDFs and images to Adobe© Flash® based tri-fold publications.
  3. 2. Open saved project or open project from output folder.
  4. 3. Support Drag-N-Drop to add files.
  5. 4. Import bookmarks (outline/table of content) of original PDF.
  6. 5. Import hyperlinks of original PDF, including web link, page link and email link.
  7. 6. Import search to enable keyword search within brochure.
  8. 7. Define quality and size for publication.
  9. 8. Select wide page mode for landscape pages.
  1. Flexible Output Methods and Formats
  2. Publish in optional formats for different uses: HTML, ZIP, EXE, Mac App, CD, plugins, and screen saver.
  3. Output in different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, FBR, Mobile version and Burn to CD:
  4. 1. HTML allows you to upload the tri-fold brochure to your website for online reading.
  5. 2. ZIP allows you to compress the brochure for easy emailing.
  6. 3. EXE is a standalone application that enables readers to view the brochure on Windows computer offline.
  7. 4. App (Mac application) is an executable application which runs on Mac computers.
  8. 5. "Burn to CD" enables you to burn the tri-fold to a disk so you can send end readers physical media that can work on PCs.
  9. 6. WordPress plugin can be inserted to your WordPress site directly.
  10. 7. Joomla module enables you to embed the tri-fold to Joomla site.
  11. 8. Drupal module can be configured as part of your Drupal site.
  12. 9. Screen Saver allows you to use the 3D tri-fold publication as screensaver.
  1. Custom Settings & Control Tools
  2. 1. Apply built-in templates, themes and backgrounds for easy and fast publishing.
  3. 2. Set background with gradient colors or your own image.
  4. 3. Insert sound file as background music.
  5. 4. Change font family, font size and font color.
  6. 5. Choose multiple languages so that end readers can switch to their local language.
  7. 6. Add Google Analytics account ID to publication for real-time statistics.
  8. 7. Customize toolbar with color setting or image.
  9. 8. Enable or disable the feature buttons such as Print and Share.
  10. 9. Save and export template settings for quick applying to future projects.
  11. 10. Save and load saved project for continuing editing.

II. Tri-fold brochure features

    With the tri-fold publication you've created, your end readers are able to:

  1. 1. Drag page to open and close the tri-fold brochure.
  2. 2. Print out all pages or specific page(s).
  3. 3. Zoom in or zoom out with double-click or Zoom button and Zoom bar.
  4. 4. Share the tri-fold via email or on social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  5. 5. Show or hide the toolbar.
  6. 6. Turn on/off the background sound.

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