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Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) is software designed for you Mac platform users converting dull PDFs to wonderful iBooks which work perfectly on iPad, with real page corner flipping effect. You will find so easy to run the software and build a iPad book on Mac, just import, design and output.

Totally control your book layout, including book template, tool bar buttons, background;
Preview the book instantly on your iPad, even before publishing;
HTML and App output formats for you to choose and publish ibooks with page flipping effect!

For Mac OS 10.5 or above (not for PowerPC) (Flip PDF iPad PC version: For Win7, Vista, XP)

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Version Number: 1.0.0
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Convert PDF to iBook on Mac platform flip_pdf_ipad_just_for_mac
Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) is designed especially For Mac platform users to build iPad friendly eBooks from still PDF documents. The wonderful but easy-to-use software will help to design unique mac iPad books with various options, And no more programming knowledge required, you will handle and love the little smart tool in minutes.

PC version of Flip PDF for iPad program here!

Realistic Book Reading Experience on iPad Read books on iPad with corner flipping effect
If you wondered to read your paper books or magazines on digital devices before, now your dream comes true. Just easy save your document in PDF format, use Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) to build wonderful eBooks, with page corner flipping effect like reading real books. The HTML5 technique used in the software will help to create realistic iBooks with ease. Just use the smart tool to publish ibooks, bring the incredible reading experience to your and your readers life now!
Different styles templates provided Customize Unique Layouts for iMagazines
To make your building more easier, Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) provides many different styles templates for you to choose directly. You can select your prefer one to decorate your book, and you can also redesign yourself with setting background color, image, margin, add your own logo, book title, use useful buttons like Thumbnail, Social Share, Zoom in/out in toolbar.
Easy output and publish with using Flip PDF for iPad Mac Easy output and publish
After designing your book in Flip PDF for iPad (Mac), you can output your Mac iPad book in HTML or App format, HTML is format to output and publish online, App (Mac Application) is executable application can be run on Mac offline. So that you can output your iBook no matter for online or offline use.
Read iBooks in many ways Different Ways for People to Flip iBook Pages
The iBooks created by Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) will show real page corner flipping effect, so users can easy drag page corner to flip pages. Besides the interesting reading way, there are also other reading modes. Click "Thumbnail" button to pick pages and jump to the page directly; Click shortcut buttons on the side of pages to next or previous page; Click "Next" or "Preview" buttons on tool bar to flip book pages easily.
Share iBooks on social media sites Share iBooks on social media sites
While reading your iBook on iPad, if people like your book and want to introduce it to more friends, the "Social Share" feature provided in Flip PDF for iPad (Mac) will help you a lot. Readers just need to click the Share button, choose social media site, then it will transfer to the related share page directly for them to sending our share message. So easy and amazing tool to bring more and more readers to your iBooks.
One-time fee, unlimited conversion One-time fee, unlimited conversion
Once you have purchased the software, you can use the program to convert an unlimited number of PDF files to any number of page-flipping eBooks. No subscription fee, no conversion fee, not limited to a single website.
Free upgrade for ever Free upgrade for ever
Upgrades are always free. Once you have purchased the software, you can use it forever. We reserve the right to raise price for later versions, but you don't need to pay one cent for upgrading.

I. Mac iPad Book Creator Features

  1. 1. Convert PDF to HTML5 based page-flipping eBooks to publish on iPad.
  2. 2. Import all pages or just a range of pages to convert.
  3. 3. Define quality and size for pages.
  4. 4. Provides many build-in templates.
  5. 5. Preview the output effect instantly.
  6. 6. Add book Logo, Logo URL, book Title and description (will be shown when share with others).
  7. 7. Show Share, Thumbnail and Zoom buttons on tool bar.
  8. 8. Set background color and image.
  9. 9. Define book margin.
  10. 10. Output to two different formats: HTML and App.
  11. (1). HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed on iPad.

    (2). App (Mac Application) is executable application can be run on Mac.

II. Mac iPad book features

    While reading your eBook on iPad, the book readers will be able to:

  1. 1. Drag the corner to flip a page.
  2. 2. Use button to control page, such as Previous, Next, First, Last etc.
  3. 3. Use thumbnail to navigate.
  4. 4. Click zoom in button to view details on pages.
  5. 5. Share ebook with others through Email, Facebook, Google+, MySpace, etc.
easy steps of using Flip PDF for iPad (Mac)

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