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Create interactive flipbook apps with multi-media embedded

Make your PDF published on Android market as popular apps for readers to download and enjoy anywhere? Flip PDF for Android Tablet converts images and PDF files to realistic page flipbook apps in just a few clicks. You can easily add hyperlinks, page links, edit text, insert images, play video and music in any page of your flipbook. Deliver a unique and exciting reading experience for your Android tablet or phone users. Get it now!

For Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 Need JRE or JDK

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Simple steps to build apps for Android users

The Flip PDF for Android Tablet is very easy to use, just a couple of clicks needed to complete book creation. You can import images and PDF files, edit pages with multi-media objects, and build magazine directly. Very easy and fast for you to get your own book apps which can be publish on Android market yourself.

Powerful tools to insert multi-media objects

The wonderful Flip PDF for Android Tablet software provides you a series of tools for you to make your android book apps more interactive and attactive. The tools help you easy insert hyper links, page links, videos, audios, images even text. You just need to draw area and then insert related objects directly.

Customize layout and author info for magazine app
With Flip PDF for Android Tablet software, you can create unique layout and full info provided Android magazine apps easily. Set book cover, flip magazine from left to right or right to left, change language for tips of your book, add blog link for people to track your magazines, edit author or contact info for readers to contact you easily. Make your magazine more friendly and different.
Easy to embed Admob ads into magazine apps

While building magazine apps with the Flip PDF for Android Tablet, you can easy embed Admob ads into your apps. All you need to do is just register Admob account and then embed the ID before outputting app. After readers install your app in Android devices, they can view the ads scrolling on the top area of your magazine. If you don't want to make reader feel sick about your book and just sell book content, you can choose not embed ads.

Test output apps in Android mobile phone or emulator
After building magazine APK, you can place it in SD card and then insert SD into your Cellphone to test directly, as long as you have mobile driver installed on computer. Or you can test your app in computer emulator, just view instructions in our manual directly: How to test the output apps?
Easy to publish your app online
If you have your own website, just upload the output book apps onto your site for people to download and install directly. Or you can publish your magazine on Android market especially so that all Android users can easy install and read in their Android devices in seconds.
One-time fee, unlimited conversion One-time fee, unlimited conversion
Once you have purchased the software, you can use the program to convert an unlimited number of PDF files to any number of page-flipping eBooks. No subscription fee, no conversion fee, not limited to a single website.
Free upgrade for ever Free upgrade for ever
Upgrades are always free. Once you have purchased the software, you can use it forever. We reserve the right to raise price for later versions, but you don't need to pay one cent for upgrading.

I. About Product

  1. 1. Convert PDF and image files to Android applications.
  2. 2. Preserve the hyperlink of the PDF file.
  3. 3. Support convert almost all formats of images: JPEG/JPG/JPE, BMP/Bitmap, PNG, TIF/TIFF, PSD, PCX, JPEG2k/JP2/J2K, RAW, DCM/DIC/DICOM and more.
  4. 4. Insert multi-media into pages, like hyperlinks, page links, videos, audios, images, text, etc.
  5. 5. Support the function of searching (You can add text to the image files for searching).
  6. 6. Add cover for your magazine or not.
  7. 7. Set book flip from right to left, or left to right.
  8. 8. Change language for book tips to make your book for user-friendly.
  9. 9. Edit information about author, blog and contact.
  10. 10. Define application icon, loading icon and thumbnail icon.
  11. 11. Create keystore for android digital certificate.
  12. 12. Define application name, package prefix, package name, version code, version name, etc.
  13. 13. Add Admob ads into Android magazine apps.
  14. 14. Save magazine info as package for later loading and editing.
  15. 15. Test and publish your apps online for readers to download and install in Android devices.

II. About Magazine APP

    With the Magazine APP created, the readers will be able to:

  1. 1. Read your magazine offline after install it.
  2. 2. Use keywords to search your book parts.
  3. 3. View videos in pages, listen to music, click links to jump pages.
  4. 4. Flip pages by clicking on thumbnail, "Previous" and "Next" buttons, leftward or rightward arrows.
  5. 5. Slight click the center of screen to read book in full screen.
  6. 6. Click ads on the top of the magazine.
easy steps of using Flip PDF for iPad

Examples made with Android Magazine App Maker in Android Market

You can download the example apps with your android device from Android Market.

Or search "appmk" in Android Market to see more examples.


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