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FlipBuilder PDF to Flash is a free, fast, simple converter that allows you to convert Adobe® Portable Document Format files (.pdf) to Adobe Flash (.swf) publications. Once converted, you can publish the Flash eBooks on your web page and people can read your PDF file online without a PDF reader. With it’s simple and friendly user interface, you only need two steps to complete the conversion, Select PDF file and Press convert button.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Version Number: 1.0.0

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Preserve PDF layout, image graphics and text
Preserve PDF layout, image graphics and text

FlipBuilder PDF to Flash will perfectly retain the layout, image graphics and text of original PDFs in the converted Flash movies. The result Flash file includes some handy tools for people to read easily, such as zoom in/out page, select page etc.

Demo PDF
Demo Flash(SWF)


Easy convert PDF to more accessible Flash Easily convert PDFs to standard SWF format

Converting PDF to more accessible SWF format file with the FlipBuilder PDF to Flash is extremely easy for all level of users. You just need to choose a PDF file and click Convert button.

Free Convert PDFs to Flash 100% Free

FlipBuilder PDF to Flash is a freeware, that means it is available for downloading and use  at no cost or for any royalty fee.

FlipBuilder PDF to Flash Features

  1. 1. Convert PDF format files into SWF format files;

  2. 2. Retain the words, layout, links of original PDFs in converted Flash files;

  3. 3. Simple, quick and easy to use;

  4. 4. Free to use, Free to update.

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