Business Theme Packages

Free Business Theme Packages capture with three different style theme packages, which helps you to design e-magazines in your FlipBuilder program. Easy show your business ebook with concise and simple background.

1. Free Float Concise Flip ProgramTheme Package
2. Free Neat Office Flip Program Theme Package
3. Free Spread Reminiscence Flip Program Theme Package

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1. Float Concise Flip Program Theme Package

Themes in this free theme package are very easy to customize which best suits business or portfolio flip books for presentation use. All themes offer a clearer idea to show your book content. No matter blue sky, blue, simple, or flower, all themes designed the float template background with concise and comfortable images, helps to make your books smooth and nice.



2. Neat Office Flip Program Theme Package

This free theme package provides 6 free commercial style themes, which can help you to decorate your publications with simple and concise background images, including book reading, colorful, enjoy life, figure or others. Just import any themes you need into your FlipBuilder program, and apply to show your ebook more clear and professional.



3.Spread Reminiscence Flip Program Theme Package

If you want to share your personal stories with others in a pageflip book, or you want to publish a historic novel online in flipping eBook format, besides your wonderful stories you have, you might need a reminiscent eBook style to present your eBook, impress your readers deeply with both the book content and the book appearance. Spread Reminiscence Theme package provides you series of reminiscent themes to use in Flip programs. The line of themes designed with old yellow color or some wood style images, then designed the tool bar with related color. You will get a sense of old-timey while reading the books designed with reminiscence themes.