Lovely Theme Packages

Lovely Theme Packages provides themes that are designed with cute images and color settings, simply download and they are immediately available to add to your template library. Make your digital publications with a little flare for the holidays.

1. Free Float Cute Flip Program Theme Package
2. Free Neat Cartoon Flip Program Theme Package
3. Free Spread Cats and Dogs Flip Program Theme Package

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1. Float Cute Flip Program Theme Package

Cute style themes in this free package you can use to design and make your story books, catalogues or magazines more funny and lovely. All those themes are designed Float template with background images, including cute baby, pink eggs, and creative puzzle, etc. You can use these themes in any FlipBuilder program, and enable to customize toolbar and button color while designing.



2. Neat Cartoon Flip Program Theme Package

Undeniable, cartoons always bring us enjoy and laughs, no matter how old we are, or which language we use. There are many classical cartoon characters that nearly everybody knows, such as Mickey, Donald, Hello Kitty, etc... The cartoon images we can see everywhere in our life, clothes, cups, computers and books. This Neat Cartoon Theme package provides 6 free funny themes with cartoon background, just import themes into your Flip program easily and then design a cute book for people reading.



3.Spread Cats and Dogs Flip Program Theme Package

Cats and dogs are loyal friends to humans. They are simply incredibly cute, in everything they do, how they sleep, play with their toys, jump, etc. They bring immeasurable joy to our lives. Free themes in this package are designed with cats and dogs images, so if you want to make your book more interesting, you should apply these lovely themes to design your book and publish online for people reading amusingly.