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Free View Theme Pakcages includes three pleasing themes, so easy for you to decorate ebooks background and toolbar color in your FlipBuilder program. Now, enjoy the natural scenery with the help of View Theme Packages.

1. Free Classical Blue Sky Flip Program Theme Package
2. Free Float SnowScape Flip Program Theme Package
3. Free Spread Sea Flip Program Theme Package

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1. Classical Blue Sky Flip Program Theme Package

Life is always busy; Your work is never done. When you tired, you can enjoy the beauty of blue sky and while cloud around us, to properly slow down your footsteps and let the body rest. So, if you would like to make your ebook more comfortable and clear? You should apply Blue Sky themes to design the background of flipping catalogues in classical template, make for people relax to reading the designed book with pleasure mood.



2. Free Float SnowScape Flip Program Theme Package

What comes to your mind when you think of winter? The snow flying in the sky, play snowballs fight with partners or enjoy the beauty of snow with lovers as snow falls...Now, Float SnowScape Theme package provides you 6 free themes to decorate book and then helps you to create wonderful and amazing flipping e-magazines for your readers reading online. All those themes are combined with snow images, then toolbar and button color have been adjusted to the background.



3.Free Spread Sea Flip Program Theme Package

Life comes from ocean. We can not live without sea. Because sea provides various resource for us, and helps to regulate climate and make the air clean. Most people prefer to travel to sea, so feel the true meaning of life and find the true desired self. Simply decorate your publications with Spread Sea themes in your FlipBuilder program, and publish online for people reading the created book with natural background.