For more flexible and powerful templates, FlipBuilder has released a series of amazing pre-designed brochure templates. Alpha Templates are affordable and easy to use, after buying, you receive download link and license. Once registered you can design calendars, booklets and advanced presentations. Other Templates are free to download and use in Flip programs, no payment or license needed.

Brand Templates

Brand Templates comes with 5 kinds of different style templates, including Elastic, Fluid, Solemn, Stretch and Upscale.

Elastic template has a flexible toolbar for you to hide or show. The unique of Fluid template is that it has a handy bookmark editor, which allows people to create bookmark for each book page. Interactive Solemn Template integrates with search function. More details about the templates

Price: $79.00 (for PC/Mac)
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Alpha Templates

1. Conciseness: This is the simplest template to present eBooks with a unique tips feature;

2. Lively: templates with lively interface, lively toolbar and lively buttons;

3. SingleSlide: templates provide a default single page view designed for a horizontal look;

4. Calendar: templates help you design sliding calendar eBooks.

Price: $79.00 (for PC/Mac)
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Free Flexible Template

flexible template

A Flexible and Sleek template to use with all FlipBuild software

The Flexible Template is really flexible and easy to use. Readers can zoom in and out, transfer between single page and double pages, easily distribute the book with others through Social websites, quickly go to any page with the help of animated thumbnails, use navigation buttons and a bookmark list. Learn More.

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Free Handy Template

handy template

Free template with handy tools

The Handy Template offers a simple interface style, with really useful tools to control the books. All functional tools can be shown or hidden very easily in this Handy Template, including the Top toolbar, Logo, Thumbnail, Share and Sound. The intuitive "Help" window will be useful to show all icon features when the book is read for the first time. Learn More.

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Free Labelled Template

labeled template

A Simple, Clear template designed to show book tabs on the top of the book

The Labelled Template offers a simple and clear style allowing the book to display tabs on the top, and list company and author and even advertisements the left-hand side.  Using the Labelled Template, you can easily insert your logo plus book and contact info. Most importantly, readers can click on the tabs on the top of your flipbook to go to each part easily and quickly. This template also supports sound, copyright information can be show and social share features are available. Learn More.

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Free Facile Template

facile template

Make a Modern FlipBook with a simple and fashionable Template

The Facile Template is a simple and fashionable template designed for you to create a modern flipbook easily. With this template, you can build flipbooks with various navigation modes, full tips in a Help window, customized bookmark and toolbar button colour, branded company Logo and images inserted in the title or background. It is easy for readers to use your flipbook and get help and company info directly. Learn More.

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Free Direct Template

direct template

A Free template with easy navigation and functional tools

The Direct Template is a free template which provides functional tools via the top toolbar. You can enable these features as you require: Bookmark, Thumbnail, Print, Download, Auto Play, Zoom in, Search, Share, etc. All readers can easily navigate your Flash flipbooks in seconds if the ‘Direct’ Template is used because of it exceptionally clear layout. Learn More.

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Free Simple Template

simple template

Free Simple template with flexible Toolbar

The free Simple template with flexible Toolbar, is designed for users to read the book without distracting controls such as the lefltoolbar, buttonpop-up when clicking the page. You can enable various helpful buttons on the left bar using Simple template, including zoom in/out, show bookmark in a transparent window, flip the book page automatically, or enable full-screen etc. The results are very easy to read due to zoom functions. Learn More.

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Free Colorful Template

colorful template

Easily make a colorful flipbook with color settings

Free Colorful Templates offer a variety of colour settings, to create a bright and colourful magazine with page flipping effects. All the colour settings for the Topbar , Decoration bar and Buttons etc. Using this free template, you can use features as you need: share, search, auto flip, and preview all pages ¡n Thumbnail mode. Learn More.

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Free Fresh Template

fresh template

A Fresh Interface and Translucent Toolbar designed

The newly designed template, Fresh, is another free template which offers a fresh interface to create a lively flipping eBook with ease. It enables you to show or hide feature tools on the translucent toolbar for the reader. You can add an image as a background and choose a toolbar colour in great template to show your book in a more fashionable and modern style. Learn More.

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Free Titled Template

titled template

Edit and Display the Book Title at the top

The free Titled template enables you to edit and display the book title at the top, and modify the toolbar icon at the bottom. This is a Reader Friendly template allowing easy changes such as next page, previous page, first page, last page, or specified page. Learn More.

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Free Specific Template

specific template

Template for designers to create fashionable page flipbooks

The Specific Template is a free template for designers to use in any FlipBuilder program, with defined buttons and a simple interlace. You may enable features on the TopBar for your readers’ convenience while reading, using both zoom in/out controls, Thumbnail navigation, background music, Face book or Twitter sharing etc. Learn More.

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Free Novelty Template

novelty template

Easily create a decorated flipping magazine

The Novelty template is a totally free template, which allows you to decorate a flipping magazine and enhance the background with your own images. Design and set the features with the ‘Novelty’ template, to make a lively and functional flipping magazine for your website customers. Learn More.

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Free Active Template

active template

Have Animated Thumbnails and a Visual Zoom Bar in your book

Free Active template provides various flexible features for easier reading. The most powerful features in template include: enable/disable book reflection, turn and view any page using the animated Thumbnail, and a visual zoom bar. Learn More.

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Free Pure Template

pure template

User Friendly allowing you to customize any aspect of the flipbook

The free Pure Template is a flexible template which allows you to control many features in flash flipping ebooks. You may show or hide the main tools such as Share, Thumbnail, Search, and so on. You can also customize your publications with a Book Logo, backgrounds, Toolbar colour, to make a pure and wonderful flipbook for your website. Learn More.

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Templates VS Themes

In Flip programs, there are different templates you can choose to present your books in different book layouts, tool bar settings, and background configurations. The four default templates are Classical, Float, Neat and Spread. The Classical Template enable you to show your page-flipping eBook in an unadorned style; the Float Template is the most flexible template designed to help you modify many functions when creating page-flipping eBook; the Neat template is a stylish and fresh look for you to design stunning page-flipping eBooks; and the Spread Template shows you all the buttons on the left and top of your page-flipping eBook. Now that FlipBuilder provides more amazing and wonderful templates for you to use, you have a wider range of choices for your 3D flip books.

The image below shows, in different templates, there are many pre-designed themes with inserted backgrounds, adjusted tool bar colours and different features enabled. You may use these themes directly without configuring them again. More free pre-designed themes can be downloaded in this "Themes" page. You also can create your own style themes in the different templates.


Template Customization

Do you want to use a unique template to present your flip books?

Tell us your requirements on tool bar style, buttons position, background feature and so on (send us your drawings, screenshots or sample books as reference...this would be even better), and we will provide you a solution which will perfectly address your needs at a very affordable price.

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