Templates play an important role in embellishing flip book in Flip PDF. There are different kinds of templates (neat, float, spread, classical) and online templates for you to choose and decorate flip book easily. You can also decoreate templates with pre-designed themes and scenes, and export current setting as theme to import and use yourself. output
Click Templates button go to templates selection window to choose a proper one to decorate page-flipping beautifully.
My templates
Four default templates in "My Templates" list for you to to select and use relevant themes as well: Classical, Float, Spread and Neat.
Online templates
There are free and stylish templates online for you to use as long as you can access Internet. Just select templates and click "Install" and get them in "my templates" list to use directly.
Click the Theme tab and double click to apply a theme to for the book.
Click the Background tab and double click to choose a background to for the flip book.
Online Backgrounds
There are many online backgrounds for you to use. Click the Online Background button and choose the one you like, then click "Install", and you can apply it directly.
To get free dynamic and concise flash scenes as the background to make flip book more vivid, you can double click to apply animated scenes on your page flipping eBooks.
Online Scenes
There are also a lot of pre-designed animated scenes available online, just click "Online Scenes" and then click "Install" to download the online scenes.
You can utilize Assistant feature which can help to record audio for your flip books, with synchronized scrolling text integrated. The wonderful ssistant feature can help to make a more wonderful presentation.
Record Audio
Input "Audio Text" for each page, choose Text-to-Speech engine, and then click "Generate audio". After generating, you can click "Play audio" to listen to the audio, you can also "Import audio from existing file" directly.
Assistant show on flip book
After applying, readers can following your tips, listen to the audio you applied, get more interest and info from your book.
Assistant Help
About Text-to-Speech engine install and use, you can view details in this page: http://www.flipbuilder.com/support/how-to-read-your-text-to-readers-in-flipping-book.htm .
There are many different types of plugins for you apply to the flip book: banner, news-rotator, news ticket, photo slider, scroller, music player, YouTube banner, etc.
Online Plugins
In addition to the pre-designed plugins, you can also download more plugins from online. Click the "Online Plugins" button to download the latest online plugins.