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Working with Free CHM to PDF converter, you can convert Microsoft Compiled HTML help (.chm) files to Acrobat PDF documents in a few steps, for reading on iPad, iPad2 and other mobile phones, as well as easily share these converted PDF eBooks with friends and family. It is totally free converter for all users, without any other software required.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Version Number: 1.0.0

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Use Command line to batch conversion
Use Command line to batch conversion

If you are a programmer who likes to run software by command line, you can use the command line mode provided in Free CHM to PDF converter, to complete the batch conversion progress automatically.

Monitor the converting of CHM to PDF Monitor the converting of CHM to PDF

Except for Batch convert mode and command line mode, CHM to PDF freeware also provides you the flexible Hot Directories Mode to monitor the converting of CHMs. Once CHM files changed or written in defined monitor folder, all changed will be accurately converted into the PDF files at the same time.

Add text or Logo watermark on PDFs Add text or Logo watermark on PDFs

If you want to add the company Logo on each page of converted PDF files, you can do that by adding an image watermark when converting. Besides, you can also add a text watermark to say confidential if CHM contains confidential information.

PDFs Security Setting PDFs Security Setting

In Free CHM to PDF converter, you are available to add a password to restrict some of the capabilities that are normally permitted on PDFs, including prevent unauthorized people to open the documents, enable or disable coping of content, and unable people to print out pages.

Customize the look of converted PDFs Customize the look of converted PDFs

Free CHM to PDF is also powerful freeware which allows you to customize the look of PDF ebooks as you need, such as define page layout, page margin, add page number for all PDF pages and so on.

Quick and simple conversion tool Quick and simple conversion tool

Convert CHMs to PDF ebooks with Free CHM to PDF converter, the actual conversion process is extremely fast. You just need to import all wanted CHMs to converting and in seconds waiting to achieve the PDF eooks on PC, with the whole process being over in the blink of an eye.

Free CHM to PDF Features

  1. 1.Convert CHM to PDF ebooks with a few clicks;

  2. 2.Convert CHM folders into PDF files in minutes;

  3. 3.Quickly convert lots of CHMs to PDFs in Batch Convert Mode;

  4. 4.Monitor a directory in a server with using Hot Directories Mode;

  5. 5.Edit command line to complete the conversion progress;

  6. 6.Add watermark and password to protect your PDFs;

  7. 7. Show the page number of PDFs or not;

  8. 8. Customize settings: page layout, page margin;

  9. 9. Edit the details of PDFs, author, title, keywords and so on;

  10. 10. Simple, quick and standalone freeware;

  11. 11. Retain the text, layout, and links of original CHMs in PDF files;

  12. 12. Free update to use the latest version of Free CHM to PDF.


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