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Free DOC to PDF converter is used to converting Microsoft Word files to PDFs that are easy to share and reliably viewed. After converting, people will be restricted to modify the DOC content in PDF files. And if you need to enhance the security of converted PDFs, you can also set a password in Free DOC to PDF software, to limiting unauthorized people to open the document or copy the content of PDF pages.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Version Number: 1.0.0

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Flexible Conversion Modes
Flexible Conversion Modes

DOC to PDF freeware offers you three conversion modes to easy creating searchable PDFs from Microsoft DOC files, including Batch Convert Mode, Hot Directories Mode and Command Line Mode. Choose one mode from the extremely user friendly free software to complete your converting task effectively.

Display the title and author on PDFs Display the title and author on PDFs

Free DOC to PDF converter offers a solution for users who want to edit properties of PDF files. That is to say, you can edit PDFs title, author name, subject, and keywords if used this handy DOC to PDF freeware. Besides, it also allows you to modify open action and optimize the PDF files to the perfect one.

Standalone DOC to PDF Freeware Standalone DOC to PDF Freeware

You do not need to install any other software like Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Microsoft Office Word while using the DOC to PDF freeware to converting, since for the Free DOC to PDF is totally standalone.

Add text or Logo watermark on PDFs Add text or Logo watermark on PDFsh

If you want to add the company Logo on each page of converted PDF files, you can do that by adding an image watermark when converting. Besides, you can also add a text watermark to say confidential if DOC contains confidential information.

Complete conversion of Word DOCs Customize in your way

Free DOC to PDF is also multifunctional freeware which allows you to customize the look of PDF ebooks as you need, such as define page layout, page margin, add page number for all PDF pages and so on.

Free Doc to PDF Features

  1. 1. Convert DOC to PDF format files with a few clicks;

  2. 2. Convert DOC folders into PDF files in minutes;

  3. 3. Quickly convert lots of DOC to PDFs in Batch Convert Mode;

  4. 4. Use Hot Directories Mode to monitor the conversion progress;

  5. 5. Edit command line to complete the conversion progress;

  6. 6. Add watermark and password to protect your PDFs;

  7. 7. Show the page number of PDFs or not;

  8. 8. Customize settings: page layout, page margin;

  9. 9. Edit the details of PDFs, author, title, keywords and so on;

  10. 10. Simple, quick and standalone freeware;

  11. 11. Retain the text, layout, and links of original DOC in PDF files;

  12. 12. Free update to use the latest version of Free DOC to PDF.


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