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Looking for easy-to-use software to convert images and pictures to different formats? Then Free Image Converter Pro is a useful tool to convert images and photos to different file formats such as jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif, tga, pcx, ico and so on. With Image Converter Pro, the photos and images can be resized, rotated and reviewed before converting. In addition, you can use command line mode to convert images to other file formats as well.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

Version Number: 1.0.0

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Use Command line to batch conversion
Use Command line to batch conversion

If you are a programmer who likes to run software by command line, you can use the command line mode provided in Free Image Converter Professional, to complete the batch conversion progress with command code automatically.

Powerful Image Conversion Features Powerful Image Conversion Features

Compress thousands of photos and images at a time with Batch Conversion Mode. And you can convert a folder of images to other file format easily and customize the output path with Hot Directory Setting directly.

Customize Images in your way Customize Images in your way

With Free image converter pro, you can resize the images such as crop, shrink or enlarge and fit images to selected size. In addition, the images can be rotated with the direction you need as well. After that, you also can customize the output file name easily. What's more, the images can be reviewed before converting as well as output quality.

Flexible converting images formats Flexible converting images formats

Image Converter Pro can convert separate images as well as file folders into different graphic formats easily such as jpg, bmp, gif, ico, jp2, pcx, png, tga, tif formats. Anyway, it is totally a freeware for you to convert images or photos into different formats.

Free Image Converter Pro Features

  1. 1. Convert image files into different formats easily;

  2. 2. Supports various output format: jpg, bmp, png, tiff, ico, jp2, pcx, tga;

  3. 3. Convert images folders into other images files in minutes;

  4. 4. Quickly convert lots of images to other formats in Batch Convert Mode;

  5. 5. Monitor a directory in a server with using Hot Directories Mode;

  6. 6. Edit command line to complete the conversion progress;

  7. 7. Customize settings: resize image, rename output file, rotate images and quality;

  8. 8. Simple, quick and standalone freeware;

  9. 9. Free update to use the latest version of Free Image Converter Professional.


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