Free Simple Template

Free Simple template with flexible Toolbar


Free Simple template with flexible Toolbar, is designed for people to read the book without the left toolbar, but pop-up when click the page.

Simply design the flipbook background and toolbar color, to make a fashion flipbook with this free template. And there are also many practical buttons shown on flexible toolbar, for people easy to share, search, download etc.





flexible leftbar

Flexible LeftBar with Practical Tools

Simple template is free template that designed with concise interface and flexible LeftBar. You can enable shown different helpful button on the LeftBar with using Simple template, including zoom in/out, show bookmark in transparent window, flip the book page automatically, or enable fullscreen etc. After publishing, people can handle the buttons while reading the book directly.

Simply Zoom In/Out page size

Imagine if you want to convert the file which has a lot of words into flipbook, people will difficult to read all info clearly. So, Simple template offers the zoom feature for people easy to zoom in/out page size in zoom bar, learn all product info easily.

zoom in/out page size
ads or help info

Show Help Info for people reading clearly

Whether people know how to read the book or not, just edit help info to shown on flipbook with using simple template, as the help tips you set, all people can easily flip the book page to read and use the tools on flexible toolbar. Besides, you can also import ads file as Help file, to shown ads in transparent window.


Free Simple Template Demo