Float Harmonious

The Harmonious Float templates are designed with colors in same color systems to match perfectly:
  • * Pre-designed 3d flipping ebook templates based on harmonious subject;
  • * Easy import to use in any software of FlipBook creator series;
  • * Customize your own info with using the integrated themes.



Besides linked logo and book title, Float templates in Flip programs also enables you to set two different backgrounds for your eBooks, outer background and inner background. You can set unique images to show your eBooks with specially effect, like insert "Help" window or ads at the left side part and show your book cover on the right side.

The Float Harmonious series templates designed with colors fitting together well in outer and inner backgrounds. This Harmonious theme offers 6 templates, bright gray, business gray, texture gray, dark blue, figured yellow and pure yellow. Every template shows unisonous backgrounds with natural transition effects.

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classical reminiscence screenshots