Neat Kitty Flip Program Theme Package

Hello Kitty Neat Theme package with 6 lovely themes, to import in any FlipBuilder program freely.
  • * Pre-designed 3d flipping ebook templates based on Kitty subject;
  • * Easy import to use in any software of FlipBook creator series;
  • * Customize your own info with using the integrated themes.



Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, You are so cute. You make our life enjoyable. You give us a wonderful childhood.

As we all know, Hello Kitty is popular with young girls, teens, grown ups. We can see Hello Kitty anywhere, cute Hello Kitty doll, pink bag with Hello Kitty pattern, or bed linens etc. She is portrayed as a bright and kind-hearted girl, very close to her twin sister Mimmy. She is good at baking cookies and loves Mama's homemade apple pie.

Hello Kitty Theme based on Neat template, designed with 6 cute kitty images, for you to create a lovely and attractive page flipping magazine easily and quickly. You just need to import this theme to FlipBuilder program to use directly. And you can also set flipbook toolbar button in Neat template, such as enable share, play music while reading the book, print out flipbook any pages, or define book title with Logo and Logo URL etc.

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neat kitty