SingleSlide Designs

SingleSlide Designs provide beautiful designed background to decorate the template of your flip books:
  • * Pre-designed 3d flipping ebook templates based on Designs subject;
  • * Easy import to use in any software of FlipBook creator series;
  • * Customize your own info with using the integrated themes.


Creativity brings fresh and energy to the world, and makes our life better and better at every moment. Multiple innovative designs appear around us, help to build nice buildings, bridges, parks, TV shows and digital publications, etc.

Now SingleSlide Designs just use beautiful designed background to decorate the template you can use to your flip books. Some designs are funny, like the dice theme presents books with a feeling of interest; some designs are nice, like the flower and umbrella themes, you can use to build a women dressing or face-painting booklets; some designs are passional, like the fire theme, etc. Different designs help to create different type 3D books, you can use the themes to impress your business partners and also surprised your competitors.

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