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Sell books

I use the bookcase to sell my books and I've made a small fortune from it. Smart feature, and so are you guys.



Simple and well rounded product

Simple installation

No bloatware options during installation

Feature rich

Works on all browsers, including mobile devices

Very responsive Customer Service



Flip PDF Pro

Flip PDF Pro is one of the best in the market



I don't regret

I was so surprised when one of my classmates presented her homework with an attractive flipping book because we all knew that she was not very good at computer, let alone programming. But this time she was just like the queen, she gave us a wonderful presentation. And the flip book was so awesome. But a question kept ringing in my head: How did she do that? Later she told us that she used Flip PDF to make that flip book with no problem, and she just got a free registration key by posting a review for Flip PDF on her blog. Soon I just paid $99 for it. I was worrying if it was worth, but after I tried it, published books, I don't regret. It was amazing!

Serge Vinokour


Flip PDF review

I thought that you might like to have a look at the on-line portfolio I have built for an artist friend. I am Donavon SlavenThe web link to the portfolio is The portfolio was built using FlipPDF Standard version. As no text is used in the document, I excluded the search facility. Flip PDF is a brilliant piece of software I am so pleased I got it.Absolutely amazing product - I'm glad to have chance to use it. I was concerned a bit as the sample, generated by 'online convertor' did not work with FF, only IE, but the purchased one is very good and fully compatible with different browsers, even mobile! Great job!




Thanks for the new version of Flip PDF. It has a nice interface



Regular upgrade

I have been using Flip PDF for about a year and a half. And I am receiving upgrade info every other week or sometimes, a week. They just keep perfecting the software, adding new features, and fixing the bugs, though sometimes the bug is still there :). Anyway, it's great, just keep moving, guys!




One of the best that I have looked into!



Very good

Great way to present your written books to your readers.



Flip PDF Pro

This Filip PDF Pro looks great….love to have this one…



Useful software

Could use this to create books out of pdf clips saved of similer articles. Very useful software.




Looks awesome! Love your site and thanks much!



Lily and Mr.Jam

I wanted to add audio to the flip book to read for my children readers, just like telling a story. This Flip PDF was really great and it allowed me to do that. And it can convert text to audio. Unbelievable! But there are 2 problems: (1) I couldn't hide Lily or Mr.Jam, if I did that, no sound; (2) I couldn't import audio for each page, it had to be "one audio for two pages", so I had to edit the audio to make it match the time. I'm looking forward to any upgrade.

Doc. K


Very easy and great, luv it

Amazing software, really very easy to use, and it's so powerful that I can publish my unique book. I will certainly recommend to my friends.



I like their quick response

I was trying to upload my flip book online, but I got a failed to upload file message. Created a ticket, and very soon I got a solution from them, now the problem is solved. Thank you.



I can use my Google Analytics ID to get the statistics of my flip book

I can use my Google Analytics ID to get the statistics of my flip book.



Like it very much $$$

I use it to publish page flip ebooks and sell them, and my readers like them, it earns me $$$...




Was having problem with the bookcase, didn't know how to use the Bookcase to sell my books. Then I turned to their support team, but I got response 2 days later… Fortunately, they then gave me detailed instruction and solved my problem. Thanks for your patience anyway.

Danny S


Great PDF to flipbook converter

I searched on Google and it directed me here, and thank god I was here. This is really amazing! I imported PDF, then there were different templates and themes to choose, and the amazing settings allowed me to create a professional flip book, and I published the book, all these just took me several minutes. Really great software. Thank you guys!