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Worked great

PC veraion works great. iPad redirect works fine but has some limitations. I understand this is to be upgraded.



Share the flipbook with my friends…

I uploaded my flip book online and then shared it on my Facebook, and I received a lot of likes, comments and shares, and fans. Man, it's really cool, I've never been so popular, my friends kept asking me how it came. Many thanks to FlipBuilder, you are great.

Michael Shapiro


Flip Pro

I looked at many page flippers before I saw your Flip Pro. I downloaded the trial andit took me about 20 minutes to realize how superior your product is, so I bought it.Just wanted to write and tell you how great your product is. Truly outstanding!!

Gemma Robson


Easy to use

I have recently purchased a copy of the Flip PDF, which I have found to be an excellent and easy to use product.

Preston Mitchell


My Positive Experience with Flip PDF

I bought the first version of Flip PDF over 18 months ago. Flip PDF offers the easiest way to create a first class flipbook-style digital publication. The flipbook can be easily embedded on a web site...and it can even be used to make a custom Facebook fan page. The developer honors its promise of free lifetime upgrades. The software is regularly upgraded. Each new version is better than the previous. There were a few bugs in the early versions but I can't say anything bad about the current version. Customer support is excellent. Lastly, I never experienced any hassles over licensing, registration, or activation. This is a very good software.



Excellent flip-page software. Easy and customizable

Packed with features, Flip PDF is very attractive and professional. Importing PDFs worked flawlessly and it maintained URL links. Output choices cover most any need. Excellent how-to videos are provided on their website as well.

Stephen Kreyling



I bought the pro version, I am hoping that in future upgrades they will get the mobile output to properly work. Other than that, I am extremely satisfied with the pro version.

For the cost you can't beat it. I use it to take customer files and turn them into digital copies for clients that want to make their jobs available to more people via the web.

Free upgrades is a big one here, most companies will hit you with an upgrade of hundreds of dollars. For me, the pro version offers many of the abilities of each of the single products that are similar that they release.

Richard Andersen



I bought this earlier at BDJ, great program and a bargain at this price.

Check Gold


Love it

Life time upgrades is a great offer.



Just to throw my 2 cents in here

I have purchased this software and find it to do just what it says, and it does it well. With lifetime upgrades, I haven't found a better PDF flipbook creator. What is just as impressive, is the support you get with this developer. Every email I have ever sent to them about their software, I have received a reply within 24 hours.

Sander Kreyling



Can I remove the flipbuilder url as the samples how, and can I put in my own url to drive traffic to my site?

Downloaded the demo, and that answered the question. Worked well on importing pdfs and I like the configurations.



It does what it advertises

I saw Flip PDF on, and it seemed to meet my needs, so I gave it a try. It does what it advertises on the website.

Tom Colvin


It worked PERFECTLY!!!

I've been scouring the internet for well over a year looking for a reasonably priced program that will produce a "flip-book" in a landscape format [my choice because it displays so well on a computer]. I tried quite a number of programs, and all have failed for one reason or another.

Half an hour ago, I downloaded this program. Within minutes, I discovered that I could simply import a small 8-page booklet I had created quite a while ago while I was testing out Serif PagePlus, a layout & publishing software somewhat akin to Adobe InDesign, but MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE. I had designed the booklet in landscape layout and saved it as a pdf publication.

Flip PDF downloaded it, inheriting the page dimensions of the original design. It worked PERFECTLY!!!

I will be recommending this program on my blog for writers. I'll tell them that this is the best deal and most effective and versatile flip-book software I yet discovered.



Great for converting PDF to flipbook

I downloaded the test version, and it seemed work great for me, the page flip effect was so good, really like it.



Very good!

The new version is great, one can print or download the flip book directly. And the zooming is awesome too. Thank you for developing such great software.



Just love it

I am writing just to thank you, for this amazing software. I downloaded the test version of Flip PDF, and published my own flip book, wow, amazing. I am going to buy it.