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Flip PDF Professional for Mac

Flip PDF Professional for Mac is an amazing helpful drag & drop flip book builder for Mac users to convert PDF to page turning publications (brochures, magazines, catalogs). The software provides many powerful tools and abundant pre-designed templates for you to build interactive content for all devices: iPad, iPhone, tablet and desktop. Import a PDF into the page edit interface, add video, links, image gallery, and you can create a vivid animative flipping book and deliver the impressive reading experience to your readers.

For Mac OS 10.6(64 bit) or above, not for PowerPC
Version Number: 2.8.2
60-day Money Back Guarantee
100% Security Guarantee
insert video and image into flipbook

Interactive eBook - insert YouTube video, image & links

Want to give life to your eBook and make your publications outstanding? The Flip PDF Pro for Mac page editor will help you create eye-catching flipbook in an easy way. Drag and drop pre-designed objects ranging from buttons to YouTube video,animative text and image gallery into your page to create interactive effect(view an example). You are allowed to embed hot spots to highlight the important content and drive traffic to your website or E-commerce shop! Use Flip PDF Pro for Mac to convert ordinary PDF into addictive flipping book and deliver the impressive reading experience to your readers.

smooth mobile reading experience

Extraordinary reading experience on mobile

Flip PDF Pro for Mac supports HTML5 output which enables your flipbook to present on all platforms. Engage customers who love to carry iPad, iPhone or Android tablets and who are comfortable with swipping, touching and tapping. You can deliver the best reading experience to your readers on both PC and mobile devices. The readers all over the world can view your digital page turning magazine, lookbook, catalog and newspaper anywhere, anytime.

customized settings

Customize based on pre-designed templates

With the many pre-designed templates in Flip PDF Pro for Mac, you can easily customize unique style to use for your own page turn eBooks. The settings are various and detailed, and you are enabled to set tool bar icons, your book title and logo, hard cover, image background, etc.

promote brand and service online

Branding - promote your business

Flip PDF Pro for Mac gives you flexibility to customize the tool bar of your flip book with brand logo or website icon, helping you build brand awareness through your customers. What's more, you are allowed to add company picture gallery, brand button and hot spots intergated with hyperlinks into your brochure page, which makes your content interactive and tells a lively brand story to inspire your readers.  (view a demo)

online and offlien output

Output book for local, zip, web, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android

No matter which mode you want to view your created page-flipping eBooks, online or offline, you can use Flip PDF Pro for Mac to output books in below formats: *.html, *.app, *.zip, *.exe, WordPress plugins and Mobile Version. The HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online (including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices if you outupt mobile version together), and App (Mac Application) is executable application can run on Mac computers. WordPress publishing plugin can be used as wonderful plugin on your WordPress site.

share flipbook to social network

Share your book on Facebook & Twitter

The integration with modern social networks of page-flip ebooks created by Flip PDF Pro for Mac can help to make your book spread and known by more and more people who are willing to share your book online. All readers can share book links with others on Facebook and Twitter, or send links out via e-mail, or even embed your flipbook publication into their own sites.

upload flipbooks online

Easily upload created flip books online without FTP

To help you easily upload, manage and share your created flipbooks, we developed Upload Online Service. This service can help to upload your book online instantly after creating, no FTP or other upload tool needed. All you need to do is create an account on FlipBuilder Service center. Then you can easily upload books (including mobile version), manage and share them with more people online.

google analytics to track readers

Google Analytics integration

Flip PDF Professional Mac enable users gain deep insights on online flipbook performance & reader behavior. The integrated Google Analytics allows you to track your flipbook's traffic levels, visits by device, click-throughs, bounce rates, conversions, and interactive events. All these data will help you optimize digital pubishing strategy and improve reading experience.

toolbar and language setting

Set language for share and other buttons

While using Flip PDF Pro for Mac, you can edit language to show your page turn book tips, allow users to download your created flipbook, view your eBook in Full Screen mode, share the books on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo and so on. You can also disable these functionalities on the contrary.

add note and highlight

Easy to note and highlight pages for readers

With the Annotation feature of Flip PDF Pro for Mac, all your book readers can easily add notes or highlight content with different page edit tools. For example, they can add text, highlight pages with brush, draw rectangle or ellipse on book pages. The wonderful feature will help all your readers to easily manage your books and will bring them more fantastic reading experience.

powerful mac flipbook converter

Powerful Mac flipbook converter

Convert original PDF magazines, brochures, catalogs & annual report into impressive page flipping books. Get started with hundreds of pre-designed templates and themes, anyone can create amazing digital publications with ease.

social media friendly

Delight audiences on social

Just convert your printed magazines/brochures into electronic flipbooks, you are able to publish to online cloud host directly, embed in web page, share at Facebook and Twitter page. It is the best way to engage readers on sicial channels.

1. Flip PDF Professional for Mac features

    Easy Import

  • 1. Convert or batch convert PDF(s) to HTML5 based page-flipping booklets.
  • 2. Define quality and size for page-flipping eBooks.
  • 3. Import bookmarks (outline) of original PDF.
  • 4. Import hyperlinks of original PDF, including web link, page link and email link.
  • 5. Enable search book content.

    Publish book online directly using FlipBuilder Upload Service.

    Output in different formats: HTML, ZIP, Mac App, EXE, Mobile Version:

  • 1. HTML allows you to upload to a website to be viewed online (with title defined).
  • 2. ZIP allows you to output all book files and folders in zip package (easy to email).
  • 3. App (Mac Application) is executable application that can run on Mac.
  • 4. EXE allows you to view output book individually on Windows computer.
  • 5. Mobile version is to output HTML flipbook which can be viewed on mobile devices via Browsers.

    Customize on Pre-designed Templates

  • 1. Apply a pre-designed template, theme and scene.
  • 2. Preview the output effect instantly.
  • 3. Add HTML Title in Float template and click it to visit webpage online.
  • 4. Add Image logo to insert in front of Book Title in Float template.
  • 5. Define book proportions, margin size and shadow manually.
  • 6. Set background color and image.
  • 7. Insert background music either for continuous play (loop) or for a set duration.
  • 8. Set eBook reading from right to left (for Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic).
  • 9. Choose hard cover for eBooks.
  • 10. Set fonts for Toolbar buttons.
  • 11. Enable to export and import themes of your design to use later.

    Provide Multiple Control Tools

  • 1. Define the language for your published page-flipping eBook, multi-language switchable.
  • 2. Edit pages with embedding links, images, videos, sound or You Tube video.
  • 3. Add Button on pages to open link page, call Javascript action, play Video in pop-up Window.
  • 4. Add page, delete page, re-order and sort page in Page Edit window.
  • 5.Copy objects from one page to another or all the other pages.
  • 6.Add Google Analytics to book pages.
  • 7.Set colors and position (Top/Bottom) for toolbar.
  • 8.Set permissions for downloading, printing, social sharing, Home button and more.
  • 9.Add watermark image to show on print out pages.
  • 10.Add Help config to manually define content with Image.
  • 11.Set Page Number Box to show at top or bottom in Float, set start page number.
  • 12.Add Minime Style to show page-flipping eBooks without toolbar.
  • 13.Export and save settings as project for future uses.

2. Page flip eBook features

    With the page-flipping ebook you have created, your book readers will be able to:

  • 1. Flip book pages by dragging corner, clicking page shadow, scrolling mouse wheel, etc.
  • 2. Use Previous, Next, First or Last buttons or thumbnails to navigate through the pages.
  • 3. Open and view important pages quickly with pre-loading technology, no need to wait for all pages to load.
  • 4. Flip pages automatically with Auto Flip.
  • 5. View page-flipping eBook in full screen.
  • 6. Add annotation text or shapes to highlight.
  • 7. Print out the whole eBook or a selected range of pages.
  • 8. Download uploaded page-flipping eBook or other file while reading book.
  • 9. Double-click to zoom in or zoom out.
  • 10. Share eBook URL via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • 11. Turn on/off background sound.
  • 12. Open in the Browser to a specific page by adding a page index to your URL. E.G. www.yourdomain.com/index.html?pageIndex=4.
  • 13. Always show in Minime Style with adding a parameter to URL. E.G. www.yourdomain.com/index.html?alwaysMinimeStyle=true.
  • 14. View page-flipping eBooks in the browser of Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

User Manual

Demo Show

Mobile Publishing Technology

html5 mobile friendly

Product Info

Step1: Create A New Project

Launch the Flip PDF Pro for Mac Program, click "Create New" button to slect a PDF document in the PDF import panel. You can also import images to create a photo book in Flip PDF Mac version software.

Step2: Customize your own flipbook

Customize the style of you publicatin easily, Flip PDF Pro for Mac integrates with hundreds of build-in templates, themes, backgrounds, animations and more. Every one can design extraordinary e publication with ease.

Step3: Enrich your flipbook - add videos, audios, images and links

Click "Edit Pages" at the top left, then you can add video (including YouTube & Vimeo video), audio, images, links, text, shape, button, printable area, etc., which makes your page flipping ebook more gorgeous and attractive.

Step4: Publish flipbook in different formatst

You are able to publish PDF flipbooks in HTML format, burn into CD or USB Drivers to distribute offline. You can also upload flipbooks to online cloud host, which can be directly embedded in web page, shared at Facebook and Twitter page.

User Manual

Demo Show

Mobile Publishing Technology

html5 mobile friendly

Product Info

Item Features Flip PDF for Mac Flip PDF Pro for Mac Flip PDF Corp for Mac
1 Convert PDF to HTML5 based page-flipping eBooks
2 Publish onto FlipBuilder Server, easy manage and share flipbooks
3 Output in different formats: HTML, EXE, Zip, Mac App, Mobile version
4 Import bookmarks, hyperlinks (web/page/email links), text (for searching) from PDF files
5 Apply pre-designed templates: Classical, Spread, Float and Neat. Also wonderful themes and animated scenes provided.
6 Add Image logo to insert before Book Title in Float template
7 Add Book Title in Float template which can be clicked to visit webpage online
8 Define template details, like book margin, background image, read orientation, hard cover, autoplay etc
9 Add Help config to manually define content with using Image
10 Customize toolbar buttons to set permissions, tips language for downloading, printing, sharing, Home button and more
11 Allow readers to add annotation text or shapes to highlight
12 Export and save settings, themes for future uses. Also support save project.
13 Define title for HTML output flipbooks
14 Replace existing icons on toolbar by editing Icon file
15 Add About button to show contact or some other information
16 Insert images, slideshow with fade effect to the imported pages (define actions, like go to webpage, open pop-up images, etc.)
17 Edit pages with adding links (web/page/web/pop-up images/Javascript function)
18 Insert movie, YouTube video to pages
19 Add sound to the pages while viewing the page
20 Embed animation effect into pages with built-in resource library
21 Insert buttons on pages to link pages, call Javascript function, or play Video in pop up window
22 Insert shapes into pages, including lines, Ellipse, Rectangle, Highlight area
23 Add text on pages with defining animation, text font, effect and actions
24 Replace existing icons on toolbar by editing the icon file
25 Insert images, slideshow with fade effect to the imported pages (define actions, like go to webpage, open pop-up images, etc.)
26 Edit pages with adding links (web/page/web/pop-up images/Javascript function)
27 Insert movie, YouTube video to pages
28 Add shopping projects to pages, like Price, Order buttons, Product photos, Shopping icons, etc.
29 Insert shapes into pages, including lines, Ellipse, Rectangle, Highlight area
30 Add, delete, reorder pages in existing project
31 Export projects added in Page Editor, like links, images, movies to import and use later
32 Integrate more pre-designed templates and scenes
33 5 user installations
34 1 year Free hosting up to 1,000 books

User Manual

Demo Show

Mobile Publishing Technology

html5 mobile friendly

Product Info

Safe and reliable

  • Refund Policy

    We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we offer a user-friendly Money Back Guarantee for all of our customers!

  • One-time fee, unlimited conversion

    Once you have purchased the software, you can use the program to convert an unlimited number of PDF files to any number of page-flipping eBooks.

  • 5-Star Support

    We deliver fast & effective technical support and customer service to ensure that every experience you have is the best it can be.