Digital Brochure Making Program

Looking for a brochure making program? Try Flip PDF Plus, which features intuitive interface, powerful page editor, flexible output option and the ability to make the design with simple clicks. You are allowed to create any type of brochure that will stand out.

Play Video

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Add Engaging Videos

Free to insert videos to bring more excitement to your brochure. In this brochure making program, you can add local videos directly from your computer. Youtube and Vimeo videos can also be embedded by pasting the video ID. Furthermore, there are a variety of video player skins. You have the ability to browse through these skins, and choose the one that fits your video style perfectly.

Include Popup Images

Flip PDF Plus allows you to include popup images in the brochure. Add an image, check “show image popup on click” option, and then the images will show in a pop up window with one click. What’s more, you can make some editing to the popup images. The editing option includes adding filter, frame, animation effects and so on.


Sell Brochures Online

This brochure making program gives you a chance to sell the brochure online. Find “Sell this Book in Bookcase” option when uploading, or click the “Book detail“ icon in the “Book Manager” window, to set the preview and price of your brochure. You also have a precise control on the PayPal account to receive payment.

Multiple Sharing Options

After uploading the brochure, you can share the link on social media channels to get more readers. It is also easy to send the link to readers via email. If you have your own website, just embed the brochure to your website by pasting the embedding code. You can also burn the brochure to CD for offline distribution.


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