Flip PDF Plus Catalog Creator

Flip PDF Plus is a free PDF catalog creator. It features a series of powerful tools to add rich media to the catalog, which can help catch the attention of your readers. In addition, sharing the catalog is as easy as 123. Just copy the link to your catalog and paste it on a variety of platforms to share your contents.

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Customizable Link highlights

This free PDF catalog creator empowers you to add a highlight effect to inserted links in the catalog. You get the option to customize the hover color, click color and the opacity of these colors, making links obvious in your catalog. In this case, you are more likely to get many clicks on your shopping catalogs or magazine ads.

Easy Sharing

After publishing the catalog online, you can send the link to your catalog via email. It is also easy for you to embed the catalog on your website by coping and pasting the embedding code. If you want to drive more leads and more orders, post the link on social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn with just a click of a button.


Search Engine Friendly

This free PDF catalog creator allows search engines to index your catalog, making it easier for readers to find your contents online. What’s more, you have the ability to set meta tags to improve your catalog’s visibility on the search engine. These meta tags include the title, the keywords and the description. You are able to make editing to these tags at any time.

Google Analytics Tracking

Flip PDF Plus supports integration with Google Analytics. Connect your catalog with your Google Analytics account to collect data that can help track interactions with your contents. You can have a clear idea of the catalog performance and know more about your readers, based on the collected data including the number of views, the most popular pages, clicks, and more.


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