Create Interactive Tablet Catalogs

Sometimes an e-catalog looks very beautiful and appropriate in the desktop client, while it is totally twisted when we look it in the tablet and the mobile devices. If you have come across such a problem, you can try at tablet catalog creator. It is compatible with different devices for you to design your unique e-catalog and in the meanwhile, you can publish them in different formats as well.

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What is Flip PDF Plus?

Flip PDF Plus is compatible to the desktop clients, Mac operating system, and Android mobile devices. Wherever you go, you can update your e-catalog with your tablet or your mobile phone.

There are different ways for you to brand your company and your products. Firstly, you can add the watermark in your digital catalog, which can establish a branding awareness among your readers. Secondly, add the link to connect the homepage, the web page, the promotion interface and so on. Thirdly, customize the toolbar and bookcase. Import your logo into the toolbar and bookcase title is also a great way to engage your readers.


After editing the contents and layout of the e-catalog in tablet catalog creator, you can choose to publish them online and offline according to your needs. If you want publish them online and insert them in your website, you can publish in HTML formats, WordPress plugin, Joomla module and Drupal module. If not, you can publish them in EXE and ZIP format and then choose whether to email them to the customers.