Food Magazine Printing Solution

Want your food catalog spread to more readers, gain a larger market and promote the sales? No problem, Flip PDF Plus can achieve this by creating a lively and attract digital publication. Upload this food publication online, share it to social networks, email to your customer, friends and relatives, your product will be reached by more potential buyers.

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

Flip PDF Plus, namely, is a converter to turn static PDF files into page-flip ebooks. It has a fantastic page editor, which can add varied multimedia factors into the page, and to enrich the magazine content.

For the marketing function, Flip PDF Plus enable users to add a shopping cart into the page, mark the price of the product in the shopping cart, readers can click “Buy Now” button to collect their favored products and contact the sellers offline through email. Another useful tool for marketing is that the software embedded with Google Analytics feature. This feature is mainly to collect the feedback from the reader: the origin of searching engine, which page they prefer to stay, what links they’re likely to hit, how long will they skim the publication…all these datas will be showed on the google backstage once you put your Google Analytics account into your publications to track. Marketers can make a new sale strategy by using these datas and make a more developed magazine for the readers.


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