Wonderful Ideas for Marketing Catalog

Marketing has pivotal power in a company’s development. Smart marketing plans should count the promotional material in. An excellent marketing catalog should count on catalog designing ideas. Flip PDF Plus supplies you with wonderful ideas for catalog design, which can smooth your path to design catalogs.

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

Various kinds of text fonts and animations help you create a basic frame of your catalog. The boring and silent text will become vibrant and lively under the help of the animations. Besides, images are also very important to your marketing catalog. The function of the imported images could help to explain the text deeply and vividly.

What is worthy mentioned is that your catalog could supplies actual turning page effect for readers. In this way, readers could more enjoy your marketing catalog.


Audio and videos are the two elements to embellish your catalog. A background song could divert readers from boredom. And, as a marketing catalog, the principle that customers come first is the key to your marketing activities. Blessings should be imported into the catalog to communicate with customer as greeting. Talking about videos, a marketing catalog cannot be completed without production introduction videos.

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