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Create Responsive Online Brochures

Flip PDF provides content owners with the ability to create digital brochures and publish them online for free. The software allows you to add interactive elements such as:

  • Hyperlinks and clickable buttons.
  • Flash, slideshow, videos and audio.
  • Images, shapes, buttons and shopping carts with advanced actions.
For Windows or Mac

Browse Creative Digital Brochure Examples:

With a few mouse clicks, static PDF file can be converted into page flipping digital brochure. Editors have access to the fantastic selection of templates offered by Flip PDF. Apply one of them to embellish the brochure with an attractive outlook. To make the digital brochure more dynamic and interactive, we develop feature-rich Page Editor tool, which proves to be capable of building all the interactivity of digital publications. Editors have the ability to add interactive images, links, Flash, video and audio etc.

An advanced and secure Cloud Hosting environment is accessible to all users, who can upload their brochures online for free. For those who have their own FTP severs, they can directly upload their brochures to FTP. The online brochures can be shared across major social networks and on personal/company websites. As exposure is increasing, more traffic will brought to editor’s company website.

The Google Analytics empowers publishers to know well how their digital brochures were consumed. From web traffic, user behavior to demographics of digital publications, all detailed data will be given to publishers.
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