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How to start an interactive online magazine

It's said that digital text is the future of Internet media. And for the publishers who know little about technology and programming, an easy-to-use online publishing tool can help them create and run an online magazine.

  • Achieve content Publishing and advertising together in a magazine.
  • Utilize social media to build a magazine brand at ease.
  • Run the magazine with realistic good-looking bookcase.
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Learn the tutorial and make a stunning magazine in Flip PDF

The most important part to start an online magazine is to make the content online. For most of publishers, when they do not want to get an internet domain name, they will resort to online publishing software like Flip PDF. Here is how to start an online magazine with Flip PDF.

Step 1: Prepare your content in PDF document.

Outline topics you want to cover in the magazine. Arrange the content with your great ideas in the PDF document.

Step 2: Utilize Flip PDF to individualize the reading experience.

Import PDF for better designing the content in Flip PDF. You are able to add the advertising banner and brand in the magazine. Also, for the content, you can add videos, flash and images to make it funnier.

How to start an online magazine

Step 3: Publish & share online

With your account on FlipBuilder Cloud Platform, you can direct upload the magazine online. Then share it on social networks. Also, you can arrange the magazine in your own online bookcase.

How to start an online magazine

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