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All the information about health can be concentrated in a flipping brochure, is that be a magic experience. Collect all the common knowledge of health maintenance, take several illustrated pictures, add articles of your personal tips, you can also create your own health brochure even without any coding and programming technique.

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What’s Flip PDF Plus?

Flip PDF Plus, rather than being stuck in the needed static files, its animated features allow users to present their health brochure with dynamic content and to show the significant details with images/videos popping up.

Base on the requirement of engaging, exploring and discovering new territories, the health brochure should be vivid and should contain abundant information. Then you can try to present the information with various form :

YouTube Videos — Add a YouTube video that attaches the content into the page, explain the tiny detail of your content perfectly.

Photo Gallery — Present a slideshow through many clear pictures. This will be an excellent way to make your page be an interactive one.

Highlights — Highlight the main points of the text. Use different colors of the bookmark to protrude the most important part.


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