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Flip PDF, free eBook software, gives you ability to create interactive digital books that is beautiful enough to captivate people’s eyes.

  • Provide a number of well-designed templates, themes, backgrounds and scenes.
  • Support to embed rich media like image slideshow, SWF, video and audio.
For Windows or Mac

Browse Creative eBook Examples:

Without any programming skills, anyone can create a page flipping eBook with Flip PDF. The freeware empowers you to convert a static PDF into a digital edition with a few clicks. Furthermore, the links and bookmark within PDF file can be detected and converted automatically.

To beautify your flipbook, Flip PDF provides a rich selection of beautiful templates, themes, background, and animated scenes. You are capable of taking full advantage of these elements to give your eBook a killing appearance. Or you can choose to design a unique outlook, making sure your flipbook will perfectly suit your company branding or your personal taste.

In addition, Flip PDF offers a suite of tools to enrich your digital content. On the one hand, the Plugins functionality allows you to add various plug-ins, like music and video player, banner, news ticker and much more. Besides, to deliver your story vividly, you can embed a talking assistant with synchronized scrolling text. On the other, a range of rich media provided by Flip PDF will empower your digital content to look more interactive. You can embed links, image slideshow, sound local/online video and SWF.
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