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PDF Brochure Creator Tool

Flip PDF, which is an outstanding PDF brochure creator tool, can create a graphical and attractive PDF brochure through simple steps. Therefore, if you want to create an engaging brochure by yourself, nothing will ever be a problem with Flip PDF.

For Windows or Mac

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Convert PDF/image to Brochure

Flip PDF can help you convert your PDF files or images into Flash or HTML5 brochure in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the powerful HTML5 technology, your online brochure will be accessible from all devices.

You can also define quality and size. High value leads to better quality, but the page will be demanded more disk space and time to download.

Single Page & Double Page View

Users can select the flip mode of Page Flipping, Single Page and Slideshow. Page Flipping and Slideshow are double page. Your online brochure will possess a realistic flipping effect with the mode of Page Flipping. The mode of Slideshow makes the page of online brochure present in a plane and fast way.

Design Realistic Digital Brochure

With the help of design settings, you can make your digital brochure vivid and realistic. Hardcover makes online brochure’s look very textured. Adding depth of your online brochure’s shadow makes it life-like. The thickness of the online brochure is default after PDFs are converted, but you can change it. Give your online brochure a matching background to strengthen its realistic look.

Upload Online Directly

Once you are content with your online brochure design, you can upload your book online directly with Flip Builder Upload Service. With Amazon S3, Flip Builder Upload Service can store your book data comprehensively. After publishing, you will get a link for your book. New registered users will receive 5 points for free. One point can be used to pay for a book within a month.