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How to launch a digital magazine with rich media

Why create a digital magazine? It is said that the future of publishing will be mobile publishing. And the digital magazines process many interactive elements that are unable to display in print.

  • Digital Magazine has more flexible distribution options for different audiences.
  • The interactive elements can be easily added in digital magazine.
  • Content marketing strategies are varied for digital content.
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Learn the step-to-step tutorial and publish your magazine now

Digital magazine has become a trend in this industry. But there are still many publishers do not know how to create a digital magazine. Actually, it is not complicated as it seems, especially with the help of Flip PDF digital publishing software.

Step 1: Choose the format of the magazine.

The format of digital magazine is varied. But most publishers choose the PDF format for that it can be used for printing and digital publishing. With Flip PDF, you can utilize PDF to create digital page flipping magazines with HTML5 and Flash.

Step 2: Adding interactive elements to the magazine.

You can produce video content of your own. Or you could deliver photo galleries in the digital version. It is easy to add these elements into magazines in the Page Editor of Flip PDF.

How to start an online magazine

Step 3: Determine your marketing strategies

It means you should plan to promote your digital content. It depends on the publishing methods. You can maximize the social media presence to share digital magazines online. Or you can upload online to FlipBuilder Cloud Platform. Also, you can embed on your website or blog.

How to start an online magazine

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