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Flip PDF Plus is known as an outstanding digital textbook maker, turning static PDF files into interactive and dynamic publications which can be viewed perfectly across devices and platforms. You will be surprised at the power of this e-textbook software. Give it a try now!

  • Convert PDF textbook into realistic page flip eBook.
  • Enrich content with videos, images, audios, and more.
  • Share the reasponsive textbook via social network, email or website.

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Nowadays, more and more collages and universities are using e-textbooks as teaching materials. Students gain considerable advantages from digital textbooks that are not available with printed versions. For example, a medical student can be directed to an online surgical procedure. Here you will find what you can expect from Flip PDF Plus e-textbooks.

•Quick delivery – Shopping Cart Service empowers an e-textbook to be purchased immediately as soon as the book is ordered. You have not to wait for physical delivery of the book especially when you need it in a hurry.

•Easily portable – E-textbooks work seamlessly on iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, or e-readers, ensuring you can carry virtually hundreds of digital textbooks.

•Searchable content – It is easy and quick to find information on the textbook thanks to the search function. You have not to go through the index pages.

•Annotation – The annotation function enables you to add highlights and text notes to mark important pieces of content.


•Audio assistant – The audio assistant with synchronized scrolling text allows you to listen to e-textbooks.

•Interactive media – Flip PDF Plus e-textbooks give you interactive reading experience with hyperlinks, image slideshow, SWF, video and audio, etc.

•Social sharing – You have ability to share digital textbooks via email and social networking sites, or embed them to your personal website.