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It is a hot potato to keep all the photos in print format for decades because on the one hand, it takes up large room and on the other hand, it will be worn after continuous touching. Here Tablet photo book maker can help you to create a vivid digital photo book so that you can keep your memory alive forever. Adjust the page thickness of photo book Add camera, slideshow and link in your photo book Output your digital photo book in different formats

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What is Flip PDF Plus?

Flip PDF Plus offers the fastest way to create a stunning photo book from tablet or desktop clients. It enables you to add your favorite photos and personalized text to make an amazing, virtual printed book.

Firstly, you can adjust the thickness of your photo book. There are five page thickness options for you, including thin, thinner, thick, thicker and even none thickness effect of your photo book. If you set your photo book in thicker version, you will feel your memories become more precious and valuable.


Secondly, adding the camera, slideshow and link in your photo book is a great way to bring you to the certain precious moment. For example, if you add a camera in your photo book, you are able to show your details of your pictures like camera show and add various layers to show different details with frame move and stop effect. Besides that, you can also add movie text, shape on images to show as you want.

Lastly, you can output your photo book in different formats, including the format of HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, Burn to CD, FTP and so on. Take the HTML format for example, you can insert the embedded code in your website or share the publishing URL with your families, relatives and friends.